Aliya Somani

Aliya Somani started her career working in communications for top international development organizations such as the United Nations, and the Aga Khan Development Network and she has lived in Central America, East Africa and twice in Spain (Granada and Madrid). Upon completion of her IMBA in 2009, Aliya moved back home to Canada where she spent four years in advertising working with clients including Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, Bacardi, Allergan, and Boehringer Ingelheim.  During her time in advertising, she demonstrated a talent for forging meaningful, enduring connections between brands and today’s consumers.

In her spare time Aliya enjoys travelling, photography, and experimenting in her kitchen, creating culinary marvels that delight the tastebuds of friends and family. Aliya’s international experiences, together with her entrepreneurial nature and social media savvy, help her identify what remains invisible to most. She’s a keen observer of human behavior, and is an artful communicator who can convey her innovative thinking with precision and clarity.